CSV Hero

CSV File Cleaner, Editor and Analyzer

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Simple. Flexible. Powerful.

CSV Hero is a free online utility that gives you the power to query, manipulate, and comprehend your datasets.
This tool runs entirely in your browser and keeps your data on your computer, not on remote servers.

Query CSV Files

Easily filter data based on a number of simple yet powerful operators. Find rows where chosen fields are equal to, greater than or less than your criteria.

Use CSV Hero to analyze and clean CSV file data. Explore entries that have fields before or after a chosen date and exclude rows that are irrelevant to your search.

Clean CSV Data

Update thousands of rows at a time with our CSV bulk editor. Set your criteria and apply custom updates to all matching rows in seconds. Set, clear, add, subtract, multiply, and divide chosen fields by fixed values or values stored in other columns.

Gain more power over your tabular data with a clean CSV file.

Convert CSV Files

Once you have applied your updates to your data, export to a file type of your choice.

Export updated CSV data back to CSV or convert to JSON, XML and more.